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Stargait Physical Therapy, LLC was founded on April 14, 2015, with a dream and a vision to deliver a holistic approach to rehabilitation/therapy care for children birth to 21 years of age and their families.

Our mission, “Integrate to change,” allows us to impact all individuals we touch: to improve a sense of well- being and to live the best quality of life.

Our success stories have shown to impact on kids with developmental delays, behavior disorders, emotional challenges, concussion, depression, anxiety, and phobias.

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Denise Wentzel, PT

Physical Therapist, MNRI Core Specialist, Owner

Denise A Wentzel graduated from Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She moved to the United States in May 2000 and has worked in many different settings and has found her passion for pediatric care. She founded Stargait Pediatric Therapy, LLC April 14, 2015, focusing on reflex integration, to reconnect brain and body function and help facilitate neuroplasticity. Denise believes that helping the body recognize sensory stimulus involving all the senses and teaching the body the appropriate motor response can lead to the reorganization of the brain pathways for a more coordinated and efficient movement.


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