The Missing Link

The Missing Link

Writing In Favor of Stargait, Physical Therapy & Ms. Denise Wentzel, DPT

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend ‘Stargait Physical Therapy’ as a life-changing resource for the entire community of the Greater Clark County areas!

Before proactively seeking out this program, both of my kiddos (now, 8 & 5) had been attending counseling through ‘Family Solutions’ because their social and emotional selves were greatly impacted throughout the Covid-19 era.

After working with ‘Family Solutions’ consistently for a little over a year, both my son and my daughter’s therapists suggested that our family might consider looking into a program called, ‘Stargait’, if I was open to this intricate level of support.

‘Stargait’ was referred to as “the missing link” by my daughter’s therapist and was described by my son’s therapist as “more than just a physical therapy place”. Both therapists stated that they could not accurately articulate the work that they do; it would just have to be something that I see for myself.

My curiosity was piqued indeed, I instinctively followed-up and looked into the details regarding this newfound resource. The clinic itself is located in an upper- class neighborhood in northern Clark County. The area is named Salmon Creek, Vancouver, WA. The downstairs of the building is completely dedicated to Pediatrics, whilst the entire upstairs is being converted into helping Adults, too.

After the easy coordination of an initial visit to ‘Stargait’, I was immediately impressed with what I saw. Each individual medical professional who is employed within ‘Stargait’ is professional, and has a gift of working well with children

It is because of the work of each incredibly talented physical therapist (and physical therapy assistants!) working with ‘Stargait’, that the quality of life for my two children has drastically improved! Both of my children were (unbeknownst to me) suffering from reflex systems that had not been integrated into their bodies, yet.

I was not aware that the human body’s reflex system is capable of directly affecting things such as, academic performance, anxiety, balance, social communication, and more. The evaluations that were completed on both of my toddlers were multiple pages long, thorough, educational, and accurate based on each individual body’s performances during the assessment time. Each assessment takes approximately 2 hours of time, and the information received is well-worth the wait.

Our family has quite the success story with the help and support of ‘Stargait’ PT: my son Landen (8) can now ride a bike (he has never been able to before [even with training wheels] because his Babinski reflex was not fully integrated), has conquered his fear of swimming (‘Stargait’ helps pediatrics with fear paralysis), and has even been feeling comfortable enough to sleep in his own space at night!

My daughter Norah (5) has developed additional confidence and admirable communication skills since graduating from her first round of therapy with ‘Stargait’. Her written work has become clearer and more concise. She is demonstrating more confidence by her ability to set boundaries via oral articulateness in the discussions to come after completing her first round of therapy.

Norah has truly “come out of her shell” and she is able to now demonstrate good teamwork skills whilst working in group assignments throughout Kindergarten 2022. After my children completed their first round of treatment, it was Mom’s turn!

It is my personal recommendation that everyone should consider attending ‘Stargait’ because I have never seen a clinic that puts out so much great work into assimilating each physical therapy session as part of your own personal experience.

Thank you ‘Stargait’! We cannot wait to come back.

With Much Gratitude,
Megan, Landen J. & Norah Evangeline
Vancouver, WA